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Thailand Travel Guide, Traveling Tips & Advice

Thailand Travel Guide, Traveling Tips & Advice

Places To Visit In Thailand

Curries, fruit shakes, stir fries, fresh fish made a zillion ways – and that’s just the beginning. The days of swanning around the country on a few hundred baht a day are long gone! Backpackers or gap year travellers on a budget will find that their money goes a lot further in the neighbouring countries of Laos and Cambodia. They also have the power to ask you to show 20,000 baht in cash, to prove that you have money for your stay, and you will likely be sent back to the country you came from if you don’t have it . You are more likely to be questioned if you visit Thailand using back-to-back visas, or if you spend more time in Thailand than you do your home country.

Wisakha Bucha (วิสาขบูชา) – falls on a full moon in the sixth lunar month, which is usually in May or sometimes June. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Lord Buddha that all happened on the same day in Buddha period. Wisakha Bucha Day is recognized as the most important day in Buddhism and also recognized as “World Heritage Day” by UNESCO. On this day, Thai Buddhists visit a temple to make merit in the morning and listen to sermons by monks. After sunset, candle-lit processions (Wian-Tian) take place at most temples across the country.

Traveling By Ferry In Thailand

  • Expect fake gold, fake gems, travels tickets and hotel bookings that don’t exist, and very little recourse to recoup your money at all.
  • If you get taken around by a driver and happen to meet many people telling you the same things, be very, very cautious, these people are probably on the payroll.
  • Never, ever underestimate how elaborate these scams can be, if you’re being asked to pay a large sum of money for ANY reason on your first visit to the country, you are more than likely being tricked.

Bangkoks Best Vegetarian Dining

What you need to bring depends on the trip you have chosen and the countries or regions you are planning to visit. We suggest that you pack as lightly as possible as your are expected to carry your own luggage. As a rule we try not to have to walk more than minutes with your bags which is why we recommend keeping the weight of your bags between 10-15kg/22-30lb. Most travellers carry a backpack or rolling bag of small to medium size (no XXL ones please!) as they need to fit under the beds when travelling on sleeper trains.

The cool season– occurs during November to February with bright sunny days and very little rain. On average, temperatures across the country are around 25 degrees during this time, so it certainly can’t be considered ‘cold’ to most people. Looking for Thailand 10 days itinerary that won’t break your budget? Check out this amazing list of places to visit during 10 days in Thailand. Plan your trip to Thailand step by step with this helpful guide for first time visitors. You may need this vaccine if your trip will last more than a month, depending on where you are going in Thailand and what time of year you are traveling.

What should I avoid in Phuket?

Things Not to Do in PhuketDon’t disrespect the Royal Family.
Don’t wear your shoes in a temple.
Don’t visit a temple with short clothes.
Don’t take Buddha images out of the country.
Do not touch a monk.
Don’t point your feet at someone.
Walk around town without a shirt (and ride a bike)
Don’t take that selfie with protected wildlife.
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You should also consider this vaccine if you plan to visit rural areas in Thailand or will be spending a lot of time outdoors, even for trips shorter than a month. Your doctor can help you decide if this vaccine is right for you based on your travel plans. See more in-depth information on Japanese encephalitis in Thailand. Japanese Encephalitis You may need this vaccine if your trip will last more than a month, depending on where you are https://www.tripsavvy.com/ going in Thailand and what time of year you are traveling. Intrepid is committed to travelling in a way that is respectful of local people, their culture, local economies and the environment. It’s important to remember that what may be acceptable behaviour, dress and language in your own country, may not be appropriate in another. Entry requirements can change at any time, so it’s important that you check for the latest information.

Buddhists carry lighted candles, three incense sticks and flowers, usually lotus flowers and walk around the central chapel three times in clockwise direction among smoke from the candles and incense sticks. These buses are decent in quality but the connections are often poorly thought out and inconvenient. Once a booking agent has your money you are really at their mercy. Consider finding the local bus station and traveling with public buses which are far cheaper and often times more convenient. If you’re really enjoying the food in Thailand then consider taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai. These classes often last a full day and they are loads of fun. The teachers keep the classes light and humorous and the food provides a full days worth of meals.

If you are considering a trip to Thailand, you have chosen well; Thailand is an amazing and fascinating country with something for everyone. We decided to create our own “excursions” while traveling through Asia on a cruise. Linh helped us plan activities for three of the ports we visited. We gave her our destinations and she gave us various options to pick and choose from. Our first port was in Koh Sumai, Thailand, where Mr. Sonthaya gave us a great tour of all the island highlights and brought us to a beautiful beach side restaurant to enjoy the view and some local food.

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Please visit the relevant consular website of the country or countries you’re visiting for detailed and up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality. Check the Essential Trip Information section of the itinerary for more information. Thai food has everything from spicy dishes packed with chillies to milder coconut-based travel to thailand curries. With street stalls and night markets all over the country, it’s really easy to pick up a snack wherever you are in Thailand. On many Intrepid trips, you’ll be given the opportunity to have dinner with a local family – this offers a great chance to see how meals are prepared and learn more about the local culture.

Travel Advisories

You will also need a day pack/bag to carry water, cameras and other electronics like iPods and mobile phones. Travel Thailand, “the Land of Smiles”, and you’ll tour a country of contrasts. Offering plenty of just about everything from the vibrancy of Bangkok to rural villages and hilltribes to the idyllic southern islands, Thailand is the sort of place you visit once and long for forever. Surround https://beautifultouches.com/best-cities-in-thailand-for-vacations/ yourself with stunning scenery, fascinating history, mouth-watering food, beaches, mountains, cities, villages, and – most importantly – the amazing people who will help you appreciate your tour. We spent a little bit more than 15,00 € a day each in Thailand, including accommodation, food, transport and other activities. The food alone is really reason enough for a trip to Thailand.

The elephant is a revered symbol of Thai culture and heritage. In many places across the country, notably in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, you will find Elephant Homes or Elephant Conservation Parks. For many travellers, a visit to an Elephant Sanctuary turns out to be a highlight of a backpacking trip. Whatever time of year you’re backpacking through Thailand, chances are your trip will coincide with a festival of some sort. Whether it’s a country-wide or local celebration, it will most certainly be an exciting and colourful affair, where tourists are welcomed to join in the events alongside the locals.

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